The Dialectizer
Good morning mother, is my porridge ready yet? I am really hungry, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I like honey with my porridge. What do you like?

Good mo'nin' moder, be my po'ridge eyebally yet? ah' am real hungry, and bustfast be de most impo'tant meal uh de day. Slap mah fro! ah' likes honey wid mah' po'ridge. Whut do ya' likes?
Good mo'nin' Mammy, is mah po'ridge ready yet? ah's pow'ful hungry, an' bustfast is the dawgoned-est impo'tant meal of th' day. ah like honey wif mah po'ridge. Whut in tarnation does yo' like?
Good mornin' muvver, is me porridge ready yet, isit?I'm right 'ungry, and breakfast is the chuffin' most important meal of the day. I like 'oney wiv me porridge, right? Wotcher like, luv?
Good mornigg modeh, is my porrije ready yet, duh...uh...? I am real hungry, 'n breakfast is de most iportant meal of the, uhhh, day. I like honey wid my porrije. Um uh.What do you like, duh...uh...?
good mmroning moTh3r, is my proridge ready Ywt???????????!!!!!!!!?????? ololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~ come 2 my ftp i am really hungry, and breeakfats si tej most importan tmeal of the daY!!!!!!!!!111~ i liek honey with my porroidge OLOLOLOLOLOL what do u like??????????????? lolololololl..


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