Allan's D&D Update:
We, uh, well this is going to be confusing...we'd been battling these demonic called rakshasas, you see, who were disguised as members of our party. We defeated them, but one of the dead rakshasas was the only person who knows where this secret meeting is about to take place -- a secret meeting that we need to get to in order to prevent a war from erupting between factions of the Empire. So, our party's shaman began chanting a spell to speak with the dead, in order for us to interrogate this rakshasa corpse. Unfortunately, before he could complete the spell, we were interrupted by an attack from a wizardly rakshasa who teleported in, conjured up several strange monsters, and left. These monsters tried to destroy the corpse so we couldn't talk to it, but we fought and killed them. So then, our shaman was again going to attempt to speak with the dead, but we wanted to make sure we were safe from further interruptions. So Allan's character Maxar the Sorcerer cast a spell which creates a, uh, a... an extradimensional refuge of sorts that we could enter into and be safe. But what another member of our party didn't realize is that you cannot bring one interdimensional space into another extradimensional space without potentially hazardous consequences. Indeed we all learned this the hard way when the last one into Maxar's refuge found that his bag of holding -- itself an extradimensonal space -- caused a violent planar disruption. This magical accident sent our characters to random other planes of existence. Four of us wound up on the very orderly plane of Law, but we don't know where the shaman went, nor the rakshasa corpse. Hopefully not to the Plane of Fire or the Plane of Negative Energy... Such a ridiculous disaster.


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