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Started on Sun Nov 07 16:24:20 1999

[Saucemaster] Here we go...
[Sausage Sizzle] what the fuck?
[Saucemaster] ??
[Saucemaster] ????
[Sausage Sizzle] tick tick tick boom
[Sausage Sizzle] wild wild west
[Saucemaster] what the fuck ?
[Saucemaster] wicky wicky wild
[Sausage Sizzle] bruin is a goon
[Saucemaster] wild wild
[Saucemaster] bruin ?
[Saucemaster] hang on read this:
[Sausage Sizzle] some abo from australia
[Saucemaster] ]]
[Saucemaster] ]] If ya like, but are you sure I'll fit in the bed
[Saucemaster] ]] with you and peter and ryan
[Saucemaster] ]] ?I WAS JOKING DV8
[Saucemaster] Oh sure, like you were joking when you tried to get photos of
me in the
[Saucemaster] shower with your mum!
[Saucemaster] ]] ]PAIN AWAY
[Saucemaster] ]]
[Saucemaster] ]] How about a fuckin punch in the mooth ?
[Saucemaster] ]] Would that fix ya fuckin face ?
[Saucemaster] ]]
[Saucemaster] You don't have to have a wank over it later, you'll be wanking
over it
[Saucemaster] during!
[Saucemaster] ]]
[Saucemaster] ]] Does that apply to gay sex as well ?
[Saucemaster] ]]
[Saucemaster] Did I say Ryan was gay ?
[Saucemaster] Maybe he has just been mislead by someone close to him.......
[Saucemaster] The Excersiser doesn't smoke ?
[Saucemaster] I thought all the fucker did was smoke ?
[Saucemaster] I just thought he gave up smoking in bed
[Saucemaster] CYA Yar Tolchoked Dick Bean
[Saucemaster] Really ?
[Saucemaster] I guess you've always wanted to show him, whats underneath
[Saucemaster] Make sure you shave your arse first.......if he is anything
like the
[Saucemaster] excersiser he hates hairy bottoms..
[Saucemaster] He is the wanker writing in capitals (that is bruin)
[Sausage Sizzle] hello rich, how r u?
[Saucemaster] rich ?
[Saucemaster] I can't see him ?
[Sausage Sizzle] hello?
[Sausage Sizzle] he is there, just a bit shy, or reading the hairy arse
[Saucemaster] helllllllllllllo?
[Saucemaster] *laughs*
[Saucemaster] A very emotionally indepth realtionship....me and that abo
[Sausage Sizzle] anyway, bruin is exaggerating, i didn't say i wanted to see
his y-fronts
[Saucemaster] especially hairy arses is the topic
[Sausage Sizzle] just that i wouldn't look away
[Saucemaster] Wht did you say ?
[Sausage Sizzle] if he wanted to show me
[Sausage Sizzle] he's a massive twat
[Saucemaster] Weel that question is sort of redunadant.... of course he
wants to show ya
[Sausage Sizzle] bye bye rich
[Saucemaster] Send him emails about "ryan" ...... "excersiser" ....... "gay
sex" ..... "bruin" as the title
[Sausage Sizzle] *laughs*
[Saucemaster] It pisses him off..........cause I actually think its a bit
close to home
[Sausage Sizzle] i'll try to, but when you don't get a response from him,
you give up pretty quickly
[Saucemaster] He never responds to your 2 word emails apparently....
[Saucemaster] He wants you to write him big long letters
[Sausage Sizzle] nup...not really...and i'm not gonna write him a long
email, cos when i first tried to, all i got back was fucking forwards
[Saucemaster] randoms just dont seem to want to chat anymore
[Sausage Sizzle] he's done his fucking dash my son
[Sausage Sizzle] all these randoms are fuckers
[Saucemaster] *laughs* Forwards have seem to dried up now
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh, so what's left in that poor guy's life?
[Sausage Sizzle] there are a lot of portugese randoms, but they all say no
[Sausage Sizzle] hello moradillo, how r u today?
[Sausage Sizzle] hello bofo, whatcha doin?
[Bofo] hi
[Saucemaster] Hi mordilla
[Saucemaster] hi Bofo
[Bofo] just logged on, checking mail and stuff
[Sausage Sizzle] who's writing in black...bofo, that's mean
[Bofo] hi
[Sausage Sizzle] okay, now i can read what you're saying
[Bofo] whats mean?
[Saucemaster] checking mail ??? hay are you at a post office ?
[Bofo] so who is this?
[Saucemaster] I'm the master of sauce .... aka the saucemaster
[Sausage Sizzle] he is the sauce, i am the sausage, together we make a hot
[Bofo] that sounds gay
[Saucemaster] Except bunLord isn't here
[Saucemaster] almost a hot dog
[Sausage Sizzle] gay as in homosexual? who here hates gays? hands up
[Saucemaster] Do you like my name ? you girl ? or boy ?
[Bofo] not me i said said it sounded gay
[Sausage Sizzle] *puts both hands up*
[Saucemaster] *puts hands and feet in air*
[Bofo] howd you come up with those names?
[Sausage Sizzle] so darth maul seems a bit bisexual to me
[Bofo] Im a 20yr old Female, you?
[Sausage Sizzle] *shrugs* it came to me in a dream, what about you?
[Sausage Sizzle] i'm a 12 yr old south african boy
[Saucemaster] Well they day that Darth Maul was actually invloved with
anakin skywalker, some kind of father - son sex relationship
[Bofo] my sons nickname, apparently its a name of a newspaper comic...
[Bofo] are you really?
[Bofo] and you talk like this???
[Sausage Sizzle] *nods*...i've never heard of the comic
[Sausage Sizzle] how else should i talk?
[Bofo] well for 12 i'd expect a little bit of respect?
[A Clockwork Orange] hey who is this?
[Sausage Sizzle] hello clockwork? do you like anthony burgess more than sta
nley kubrick?
[Saucemaster] Hi ACWO
[Bofo] it seems more and more kids are trying to act older these days
[Bofo] hello how many people are here now?
[A Clockwork Orange] i dont know i sorta like them both
[SweetThang] hi
[A Clockwork Orange] i like the movie somewhat more than the book
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh i know what you mean, my niece (she's 6 yrs old) acts
like she's almost 9!
[Sausage Sizzle] hello everybody!
[Saucemaster] Hi Teddy bear
[Teddy Bear] hey
[Teddy Bear] hi
[Saucemaster] What ya doin today ?
[Bofo] I just keekeep thinking of those kids you see on sally jesse and
stuff, swearing and wearing slutty clothes at 11 and 12 etc....
[Saucemaster] Im from Zimbabwe
[Teddy Bear] who are all you people
[A Clockwork Orange] from toronto canada
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh, i'm one of those kids! but displaced to south africa
[Saucemaster] Well Im from Zimbabwe what else do you need to jnow huh ?
[Bofo] I'm from BC
[Teddy Bear] I'm from Newmarket Canada
[Teddy Bear] male or female
[Saucemaster] Im a full blooded african half male
[Sausage Sizzle] i'm from konfused, a small island off the coast of kabbage
[Saucemaster] I inherited a enormous penis
[Bofo] what the hell is a half male??
[Teddy Bear]
[Teddy Bear] everyine
[Bofo] and how old are you the 12 yr old?
[Sausage Sizzle] bye everybody!
[Teddy Bear] everyone else
[Sausage Sizzle] huh?
[Teddy Bear] hi Sugar
[Teddy Bear] male or female?
[Saucemaster] Im at least 17 but my mother doesn't actually no
[Saucemaster] Beep! Beep!
[Saucemaster] Beep! Beep!
[Saucemaster] Beep! Beep!
[§uGå®] hey
[Sausage Sizzle] what'sup?
[Saucemaster] Hi Sugar ray
[Saucemaster] hi &
[Bofo] ok i've had enough you two are a bunch of losers!
[Saucemaster] where did you find that name ?
[Sausage Sizzle] i guess i'm a confirmed satanist
[Saucemaster] See ya Bofo
[§uGå®] what the fuck???
[Saucemaster] Have you got your womean's period or something ?
[Sausage Sizzle] i found it in no mans land, y'know, somewhere between the
testicles and the anus
[Sausage Sizzle] *laughs*
[Saucemaster] Hi sugar
[Sausage Sizzle] no sense of humours
[§uGå®] HEy
[Saucemaster] are you a girl ?
[Sausage Sizzle] i like sugar
[Sausage Sizzle] on kornflakes
[Saucemaster] hmmnnnn tastes good
[§uGå®] yea i am
[§uGå®] lol
[Saucemaster] are you ..... hoe old are yoiu ?
[Saucemaster] Beep! Beep!
[Saucemaster] Beep! Beep!
[Sausage Sizzle] wow, sugar, you're info is kick ass
[§uGå®] i'm 14
[Sausage Sizzle] swhat sorta thing are you into?
[Sausage Sizzle] dyoulikebondageyet?
[Sausage Sizzle] i must admit, i don't see the attraction
[hippie] hi whats up
[Saucemaster] Hi hippie
[Sausage Sizzle] nuffin much, what you doin/
[Saucemaster] Are you seriously a cowboy then ?
[Sausage Sizzle] a cowboy/
[hippie] no just the name
[Saucemaster] Hippie's are cowboys
[§uGå®] lol
[Saucemaster] Hi peter
[hippie] so whjats every one up to
[Peter] Hi crew
[Saucemaster] Does ayone here under the age 90, where Y-fronts ?
[Sausage Sizzle] well, i'm just waiting to get a call to go to court
[Peter] Just cruising here.
[Sausage Sizzle] i'm up for parole
[§uGå®] man i'm fuckin bored
[¤p¶Â¦Ï] wow......so many ppl.......
[Saucemaster] I've never seeen a young man where Y-fronts I guess you either
have to be stoopid or very well endowered
[Sausage Sizzle] i fucked if i'm gonna let sugar get bored
[Saucemaster] Hi OPRF*&F
[Sausage Sizzle] what do you want to chat about sugar?
[§uGå®] don't matter to me
[§uGå®] just somethin
[Sausage Sizzle] what doesn't bore you?
[Saucemaster] Suacemaster gives sugar a kiss*
[§uGå®] aww how sweet lol
[Sausage Sizzle] *winks*
[Saucemaster] Hay peter i think i meet you once
[§uGå®] hmm could use a little action lol
[Saucemaster] Oh no that must have been another peter....sorry about the mix
[Sausage Sizzle] who is peter? is he an architect?
[hippie] well i am just playing on here the wife just woke up same here
[Peter] Now that's sounds interesting S, Where??
[Sausage Sizzle] whats wrong with your wife?
[Saucemaster] peter are you a fat little guy who wears black round glasses ?
[Peter] The whole world lives on mistakes. What he hell!!
[Peter] Definitely not little at 110kg's?
[Sausage Sizzle] sugar, are you brown, raw, or just very refined/?
[§uGå®] lol
[Peter] No architect either?
[Saucemaster] Is youHi
[Saucemaster] Is your wife (hippie) are marijuana smoker ?
[§uGå®] what the hell that mean i'm a little slow today so ya gonna have to
fill me in
[Sausage Sizzle] who are you asking?
[§uGå®] you
[Saucemaster] I really believe ...... that the world is a big fridge.....its
getting colder and colder
[Saucemaster] And my balls have frozen to my anus
[Saucemaster] ((TOM))
[Sausage Sizzle] oh. well sugar comes in different forms, yknow, i was
psycho analysing you
[Sausage Sizzle] who is this tom, and why does he prefer anus?
[Peter] Great analytical statement there Freud.
[Sausage Sizzle] it's a serious question
[Saucemaster] Tom was a friend.......that was before the accident
[§uGå®] i gotta go right now
[Sausage Sizzle] freud was an austrian twat
[§uGå®] i'll talk to you tomorrow aight cya later
[Sausage Sizzle] what's the accident
[Sausage Sizzle] bye sugar
[Saucemaster] You see he got burnt all over in a fire and I couldn't look at
such a freak!
[Sausage Sizzle] who's nostril is that i'm picking?
[Sausage Sizzle] and now we're down to three
[Sausage Sizzle] oh there goes ghandi
[Sausage Sizzle] still can't figure out why these people can't handle a bit
of conversation
[Saucemaster] yeah thats it there all gone again
[Sausage Sizzle] want more randoms?
[Saucemaster] I think they get over excited by the master of sauce
[Sausage Sizzle] he was on top form again
[Sausage Sizzle] i thing sizzle just assumes too much intelligence
[Sausage Sizzle] = they dumb fucks
[Saucemaster] Petlady
[Saucemaster] should copme in
[Sausage Sizzle] is that blood bath?
[Saucemaster] Hi blood tail how are you ?
[*~ߣõöбâî£~*] TAIL
[Saucemaster] Are you a goth ?
[Sausage Sizzle] a canadian goth?
[Joel] a/s?
[*~ߣõöбâî£~*] Bloodtail
[Saucemaster] or just depressed ?
[Joel] no....
[*~ߣõöбâî£~*] No I'm not
[*~ߣõöбâî£~*] Just strange.
[Sausage Sizzle] hello joel. are you from canada too/
[Sausage Sizzle] vancouver
[Saucemaster] Are you into pyjammas....i love them....i have little puppies
on mine
[Joel] yeah why?
[Sausage Sizzle] liverworst
[Saucemaster] Hi joel
[Joel] age/sex
[Joel] um hi
[Sausage Sizzle] 12b/blueboy
[Saucemaster] age = 17 sex = Yes please
[Joel] age/sex you
[Sausage Sizzle] no, you
[Joel] sauce a/s
[Saucemaster] joel are you like a police man ?
[Saucemaster] I said im 17 male from zimbabwe
[Saucemaster] Man you sure need to know enuf stuff
[Saucemaster] Fuckin wanker
[Saucemaster] Pyjammassss
[Sausage Sizzle] *laguna*
[Saucemaster] ................................................sausages?
[Saucemaster] I just asked the pet lady how rachel was
[Saucemaster] rachel is a toad.....
[Saucemaster] Hi dana
[Dana] well, what is with that silamce, hmm?
[Sausage Sizzle] hello dana
[Saucemaster] Where you from ?
[Sausage Sizzle] hello token asian
[Token Asian] hello there.
[Dana] hello..harold??
[Saucemaster] Hi token asian
[Token Asian] hello everybody.
[Sausage Sizzle] who is harold?
[Saucemaster] harold ?? what the F*********
[Saucemaster] Are like an asian that has no place to live......hence the
[Token Asian] whoa....so do you all know each other?
[Sausage Sizzle] nope, we've only just met
[Saucemaster] No, sausage and sauce do i think.....dont tell me i said so
[Token Asian] no i just happen to be the token asian no matter where i go.
[Sausage Sizzle] i'm not used to anyone but my ugly parents calling me
[Sausage Sizzle] sorry
[Sausage Sizzle] most ppl call me sausage
[Sausage Sizzle] cos i'm long, thin and filled with meat
[Saucemaster] I forgot your real name....sausage sizzle
[Sausage Sizzle] don't you hate tokenism.
[Token Asian] sorta...not really tho i just find it funny when i see it.
[Saucemaster] Where you the kid (token asian) in Indiana Jones and the
temple of doom ?
[Token Asian] filled with meat?....hmmmm alrighty then.
[Sausage Sizzle] but you see it constantly. i guess i'm the token satanist
[Saucemaster] And I'd be a token pyjamma enthusiast
[Token Asian] you know...i always get recognized for that one.
[Sausage Sizzle] he was a token asian too
[Saucemaster] Dana are you alive?
[Token Asian] sure that could be.
[Token Asian] ummm dana took off like a rocket. she not like us?
[Saucemaster] Do you like pyjammas token ?
[Sausage Sizzle] dana just left...she mustve been overwhelmed
[Sausage Sizzle] i'm in my jimmy jam jims right now
[Token Asian] sorta.....i love my pyjamas...tho im no enthusiast.
[Saucemaster] Shes messaging me now.......she says she had to go to a
[Saucemaster] *laughs*
[Sausage Sizzle] poor dana...who died?
[Saucemaster] Do you have girraffes or lions on you pjs...come on tell me!!
[Saucemaster] I think it was only dana's husband that died....
[Sausage Sizzle] i have pictures of naked boys on my jammies
[Token Asian] nope sorry man....i had rockets on mine before....but now i
just where plaid flannel pyjamas.
[Saucemaster] naked boys ?? really where did you find them ?
[Token Asian] ummm...dana's husband died?
[Saucemaster] Are you really asian ?? because what i learn in school you
guys wear karate suits to bed
[Token Asian] ummm sausage...why do you have naked boys on your jams?
[Saucemaster] KARATE kid was a token asian too
[Token Asian] hahahaha....yes i am asian and no we dont wear karate suits to
bed....tho are asian groupies that do that.
[Saucemaster] Hi Diornin
[DiOrNiN] que isso
[Sausage Sizzle] i was lying, i actually go to bed naked, ergo the naked
boy/s, i kill me
[DiOrNiN] hi
[Saucemaster] asian grupies ?? are you in a band ??
[Token Asian] ahhh....i see....
[Token Asian] no....used to be tho....we sucked so i stopped....i just play
for myself now.
[Sausage Sizzle] i like martial arts, though i prefer an uzi
[Sausage Sizzle] when pressed
[Token Asian] sup diornin.
[DiOrNiN] no
[Sausage Sizzle] what did you play? in the band
[Sausage Sizzle] bye
[Token Asian]
[Token Asian] i played lead guitar.
[Sausage Sizzle] are you a good guitarist?
[Sausage Sizzle] were you like an asian heavy metal band?
[Token Asian] well....i wouldnt say im great but im alright.
[Sausage Sizzle] that's very racist
[Saucemaster] I like bruce lee......i think he was an american tho
[Token Asian] whats racist.
[Token Asian] ?
[Sausage Sizzle] with a name like lee?
[Sausage Sizzle] only hanging around asians
[Token Asian] umm....sure, im not sure i see your point tho.
[Saucemaster] Does anyone ever notice that you jiggle your feet around when
you need hang a piss
[Sausage Sizzle] i have no point, i'm merely a blunt object
[Saucemaster] Where do you live Token ?
[Saucemaster] Not japan ?
[Token Asian] nope...canada.
[Saucemaster] or are you Mongolian ?
[Saucemaster] are you from China ?
[Sausage Sizzle] and you jiggle your piss around when you hang a piss?
[Sausage Sizzle] are you an artist
[Token Asian] nope. vietnamese/filipino
[Saucemaster] are you from Australia ?
[Token Asian] me?
[Saucemaster] So you are from China
[Sausage Sizzle] *laughs* sauce is dumb
[Saucemaster] That must be a terrible disease....both of them
[Token Asian] thanks...didnt feel like sayin it.
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh, crippling
[Saucemaster] How do you live with yourself token ? being a failure in a
[Sausage Sizzle] so how long you been in canada, do you like it? hows the
weather compare
[Token Asian] oohhh....someones not too friendly. lol
[Saucemaster] Canada is pritty violent
[Token Asian] canadas/ alright...tho we get shit being canadians.
[Saucemaster] Yeah you would get shit
[Token Asian] what r you talkin bout...americans are violent.
[Saucemaster] no offense to you ofcourse
[Saucemaster] americans are canadians you just eat diferent meat
[Token Asian] they fight wars for the sake of lookin big.
[Sausage Sizzle] why do canadians get shit?
[Saucemaster] i like that, a show of force never hurt no one....
[Sausage Sizzle] and when, as far as i can tell, every canadian is on the
[Saucemaster] eceppt..........
[Token Asian] no we just dont have as much to offer in the world as compared
to the us
[Token Asian] U]S]
[Token Asian] .S.
[Sausage Sizzle] as in united states? i got it *rolls eyes*
[Token Asian] sure you can think that.....tell the vietnam vets that.
[Sausage Sizzle] tell em what? that they were fighting on the wrong side?
[Saucemaster] And as soon as the plane landed on the tarmac I was up and all
for the exit. I couldn't believe how beautiful my "own anus was in the
little toilet cubicle in the plane"
[Token Asian] no that they were fightin a war they shouldnt have been
involved in.
[Saucemaster] Hardly any hair in view
[Token Asian] exactly.
[Sausage Sizzle] but there wouldn't have been a war if they weren't
involved, so how could they not have been involved in it, americans are teh
centre of the universe
[Token Asian] exactly.
[Saucemaster] So you are from china
[Token Asian] what are you talkin bout.
[Sausage Sizzle] i like communists, they give good head
[Saucemaster] America = Big bolloacks on dogs
[Sausage Sizzle] especially those russian babes with the nice tits
[Saucemaster] I like communists too
[Sausage Sizzle] and they don't charge much either, i think the last on
charged me $10
[Saucemaster] except the ones the puch in in front of me in the shopping
[Sausage Sizzle] which is damned good for deep throat too!
[Sausage Sizzle] there are no shopping lines in communist countries
[Sausage Sizzle] cos there is nothing to buy
[Saucemaster] $10.....thats a little expensive....why didn't you use african
currency ?
[Saucemaster] Yeah but there are shopping lines with communists in them
[Sausage Sizzle] she charged it to my amex, so it was converted to american
[Sausage Sizzle] not shopping lines, they are ration lines
[Saucemaster] Token do you like being...i mean are you proud of your
[Saucemaster] mounties ?
[Sausage Sizzle] the difference being that they don't buy food, they just
expect to be given it, like fucking dole bludgers
[Token Asian] yeah i like being canadian.
[Saucemaster] You know they have big hats
[Sausage Sizzle] i thought only red indians were real canadians
[Saucemaster] At least dole bludgers hand over some money.....sometimes
[Sausage Sizzle] everyone else is a foreigner
[Token Asian] arent they the only real americans as well.
[Sausage Sizzle] sure, but there is no american here to bag
[Saucemaster] Nah americans were a mixed bunch of religious perverts from
england i think
[Sausage Sizzle] i hate americans too token
[Token Asian] and where are you from?
[Saucemaster] Zimbabwe
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh, but most americans give an ok blow job
[Saucemaster] in africa
[Saucemaster] Most americans are also very fat....and ugly
[Sausage Sizzle] it's a semen friendly country
[Sausage Sizzle] so that's one good thing
[Token Asian] and where are you from sauce?
[Saucemaster] Token do you have kids and a wife ?
[Sausage Sizzle] when you have a lot of semen anyway
[Token Asian] nope.
[Sausage Sizzle] do you mean me?
[Sausage Sizzle] or sauce?
[Token Asian] just a girlfriend.
[Saucemaster] Is she ana sian ?
[Sausage Sizzle] sauce said zimbabwe, i'm from south africa, by coincidence
[Token Asian] yep.
[Sausage Sizzle] that's kinda racist
[Saucemaster] racist ?
[Saucemaster] Man, the only fuckers are those white european trashy
[Sausage Sizzle] yeh, an asian boy and an asian girl...why'd he pick her/?
hopefully not because of her race
[Token Asian] nope not at all.
[Saucemaster] Because she was a good fuck ?
[Token Asian] thats one of the reasons. lol
[Saucemaster] African Male = 10
[Sausage Sizzle] white ppl are perverts, they like to tie you up an d whip
you..i say to them, don't tie me up, don't whip me, but they never listen
[Saucemaster] European Male = 8
[Saucemaster] Asian = 5
[Sausage Sizzle] what's that,? inches?
[Saucemaster] Yep
[Saucemaster] *laughs* sorry token
[Sausage Sizzle] maybe he's not token in that respect!
[Sausage Sizzle] get the measuring tape out sauce, i'm going in for a look
[Sausage Sizzle] **
[Saucemaster] *leave me out o fthis~*
[Sausage Sizzle] *grabs token's penis*...
[Saucemaster] *thrusts measuring tape*
[Sausage Sizzle] *raises eyebrows*
[Sausage Sizzle] pretty impressive for an asian
[Sausage Sizzle] he's reached the 6.5 inches mark
[Sausage Sizzle] mmm but you cock tastes like burnt toast *speaks with mouth
[Sausage Sizzle] just kidding mate
[Sausage Sizzle] i'd never speak with my mouth full
[Sausage Sizzle] sauce has gone
[Sausage Sizzle] timem for me to go too...
[Sausage Sizzle] we'll chat again soon token
[Sausage Sizzle] okay
[Token Asian] alright


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