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This is Saucemasters journal of a trip to Spain. "What could be more romantic than being in Europe all alone with nothing to burden you and no plans to tie you down? the answer: plenty. I kept notes" (pg1). Saucemaster tells of freezing his ass of waiting for trains, stores and museums that are closed despite the fact that there are open signs in the windows or the hours posted say they should be open, run ins with pickpockets, and of course wandering around lost looking for a hotel or at least a better map. The writing is chronological and suprisenly flowing I had a real problem putting this down and getting back to work, always a sign of a great zine. $? 3980 derby drive/ Cumming,Georgia/30130/USA

Re: signalized intersection safety DJ SauceMaster
Oct 09, 1999 12:35 PDT
On Sat, 9 Oct 1999 wrote:

Well, let me add this thought to the comments that there are plenty of
residential intersections with no stop/yield signs for any entering traffic
at the intersection. If there are a lot of these, then: (1) clearly these
intersections must be quite safe because local citizens would put up with
unsafe conditions in their neighborhood; and (2) accidents at these locations
would not be related in any way to "busy," intersection-controlled
intersection crash rates.

i lived in brookline mass this summer (just outside of boston) and there
were tons of residential intersections w/o stop signs. at first i thought
that was crazy dangerous...but after a few times driving in those areas i
came to realize that it wasn't so bad since everyone had to be really
careful not to hit each other. i mean, bad drivers make those
intersections dangerous, but any respectful and reasonable driver should
be fine in that kind of situation... overall i felt pretty safe with
those kinds of intersections.

live happily-

"Express yourself
Create the space
You know you can win
Don't give up the chase
Beat the man
Take him on
You never give up
It's one on one"
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