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The Apple Store sucks
By Lukas Hauser
September 5, 2001

Last weekend, I stopped by the Boston-area Apple store on its opening day. That shit sucked.

Every Mac chump seems to be masturbating in the Apple store's feces. "This store is GREAT!!!" "Wow, I was REALLY impressed with the layout of the Apple store!" "This store is GREAT FOR APPLE!"

Fuck each and every one of you. Go back to shopping at the Gap.

Now, I'll admit that the idea of the Apple store has some promise. It had promise 3 years ago when I wrote to Steve with the same exact specifications for an Apple store that we just got now. But Apple is dropping the ball on this one. Maybe even both of its balls.

Contrary to this feel-good delusion shared by most Mac nerds, the Macintosh platform is in more danger than ever before. Why? Mostly because no respectable teenager would be caught dead with a Mac these days.

This wasn't always true, obviously. But Saturday I was struck most by the …
Compare Microsoft's approach with Apple's: Tony Hawk or Ellen Feiss...Ellen has attracted cult status:

Relive Robotech

In the Gallery area there are some really good flash videos, it's bringing it all back now.

Who is this?
The "ace" of the Zentraedi Forces, a fearsome warrior who pilots the female Power Armor. Upon discovering the combat talents of Max Sterling, she takes it upon herself to hunt him down, but finds herself frustrated by the micronian ace and decides to infiltrate the SDF-1. Eventually, she finds him and after being humiliated in a video game duel tries to kill him. After this fails, she suddenly finds herself in love and married in a historic wedding that unites the humans and the Zentraedi. Afterwards, she sticks by his side and helps rebuild Earth from the ashes left by Dolza's fleet.