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Rules Light, it sure ain’t
In case you're wondering what theseOSRgamers are on about, this is the contents of my game bag:
netbook and power supplydicepens, pencils, dry-erase markers, calculator, notepaper and graph paperrulebooks: DMG, Rules Compendium, PHB2Ultimate Toolbox (Aeg), Common Ground Imonsters: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5 & Fiend Folio
(usually only 3 of the above, tailored to the encounters that I have planned)game module of the moment (in this case, Splintered Peace) as well as relevant issues of Dungeon Magazine for any side-adventures I have preparedportfolio of player handouts: maps, pictures of monsters and NPC's that they might encounter
15.4kg (34lbs) on the bathroom scales - too much for carry-on baggage, that's for sure. Enough to stress the rear suspension of my mate's ute, not to mention the risk of a dislocated shoulder or slipped disc!

But that isn't even the full story. I rely on my players to provide the following:
dry-erase board with 1…