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Could this be Terrence?

Terrence McCormack

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Seeking independent verification of Terrance's theories on seduction, I consulted a colleague who is not only played Rugby in university, but is also a golfer and a roleplayer. In his opinion, anything short of lying spread-eagled on a bed and whispering his name alluringly would show an appalling lack of effort, and therefore fail to succeed in seducing him. Although I have not put this to the test, I suspect that it is somewhat of an exaggeration. Incidentally, he does not wear a necktie.

...written this week by his fellow D&Der (and AQ-customer) Ankarino Lara, aka the somewhat verbose Professor Wormbog:

As you'll recall from last time, one of our party -- a slimy lout with dripping skin and an offensive, swaggering demeanor -- unintentionally caused a dimensional rip with his extradimensional bag of holding, sending several of us far from our home plane. As Son Ute (of the Seritan Empire), Maxar (the Sorcerer), the slime master (the slime master), and Professor Wormbog (a tall and sturdy tiger-mawed half-orc draped in Victorian finery) recovered from our accidental inter-dimensional trip, we were relieved to find ourselves in the well-ordered plains of Arcadia (itself a Plane). After a short chat with a helpful Arcadian native on one of the roads leading to the nicely shaped walls of the geometrically perfect Arcadian city of Innutan, we decided that we must be off to rescue our lost shaman, Amar, if possible…
boredom haiku

five syllables, then
seven, then five syllables
blah blah fucking blah
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Terence"
> Sent: Thursday, April 15, 1999 2:17 PM
> Subject: How to seduce a roleplayer
> In a recent issue of Cleo magazine there was an article describing how to
> seduce men. One of the advice columns described how to seduce men who had
> different passtimes. For instance, to seduce The Football Lover - who is an
> unsubtle man at best - all you have to do is grab him by the tie (would he
> be wearing one, I wonder?) and lead him to the couch. If the man is The
> Tennis or Golf Player - a social game - you should talk a lot to him (what
> about all the tantrums when "The ball was in, God damn it" or when you're
> lying in the rough?).
> But for some strange reason, the Cleo writers forgot to include The
> Roleplayer. I've decided to ammend their thoughtlessness with the following:
> Roleplaying
> ==========
> He's shy and awkward aroun…
4ZzZ have upgraded their transmitter, so they can now be heard loud and (semi-)clear on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. I was having a listen this afternoon while I was driving around, and although the reception is not perfect I am looking forward to tuning in on Monday at 1pm for "Kaspa's Show", and Tuesday at 1pm for "Poo Party"
A history of chickpeas, and a yummy recipe!
Read Me: "Still Life in Books"

Princesca of said: "Terri: Soy muy triste que sus cuentos de la biblioteca están acabados. Adiós, Princesa. PS: Pienso que su fotografía es muy linda!"
I got myself a Spanish-English dictionary from the local publc library and did a rough - *very* rough - literal translation. Please be kind; I only just passed French in High School, and I failed Latin at Uni.
"It is sad that [the] story of the library is finished. PS: [pienso = fodder/feed?!] [the] photograph is very [linda = cute/sweet]."
Gracias, Princesca.
Follow the depressingly fascinating adventures of a newly-minted pornographer.