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Terry Amthor's Shadow World -- the 360° Quicktime panorama objects are very spiffy!
Eureka Miniatures -- 100 club for custom 28mm miniatures
Reaper Miniatures
ShadowForge Miniatures -- specialising in female sculptures
Canterbury Miniatures -- in New Zealand
Read Me: "Still Life in Books"
(A [hopefully] weekly serial about life in an imaginary public library)
Part Three: Read a book and be transported to another world
Chuck came into the workroom looking panicked.
"I'm being swamped by customers out here," he said to me. "Can you come help?"
I got up and went into the public space only to find two customers waiting.
One Chuck had returned to serving. The other was a disgruntled-looking old lady. Shrugging, I went up to her and asked how I could help.
"The sign outside in your forecourt states that books will take me to another world. This one hasn't." She brandished a book at me. "I want one that does."
"Ma'am, the sign is a metaphor. It doesn't mean that by reading a book you will be physically transported to another world. It just means that by using your imagination you can *pretend* that you've been transported."
"Metaphor, schmetaphor," she snapp…
It's all true, especially the part about ogling women's breasts...

>From: "Terrence"
>Subject: The Further Adventures of Dirk and Terrence After Davo Left Last Night...
>Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 19:50:48 +1000
>The Further Adventures of Dirk and Terrence After Davo Left Last Night:
>Dirk and I stayed at The Monastery for a further 15 minutes after Davo
>left so we could get a stamp in case we decided to come back, which we
>didn't. Instead, Dirk wanted to try and get into Family again. I was
>strenuously against the idea, being quite zombified at that point and
>knowing full-well that the bouncer would take one look at me,
>think: "This is that smart-mouthed prick from earlier in the evening!",
>and tell me to piss right off! However, Dirk's uncommon sense prevailed
>and we walked back to Family. Upon arriving we found that the line we'd
>been in the first time around was still there, and we stood in…