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Affiliation Contacts

Helena d'Mezzo
female half-drow bard 1 / cleric 9 of Oghma
Affiliation Score: 28 (superstar)
Init+0; Senses: Spot+4, Listen+4, Darkvision 60ft; AL: TN; Spd: 20ft (run x3)
Hp: 48 (1d6+9d8+10)
AC: 23 (+9 armor, +3 shield, +1 natural)
Atk: ranged +7/+2 (mwk comp shortbow 1d10, 19-20/x3, range incr. 120ft)
SA: 5/day - Turn Undead (Su) {turn level 7, turn damage 2d6+9}
SQ: immunity to sleep, +2 save vs enchantment, Bardic Knowledge +2,
Calm Emotion (Su), Healing Hymn (Sp), Inspire Courage (Su), Inspire Competence (Su) St: 13, Dx: 10, Co: 10, In: 12, Wi: 17, Ch: 14; SV: F+7 /R+6 /W+12
Skills: Bluff+8, Diplomacy+21, Disguise+13, GatherInfo+9, Perform+7, SenseMotive+10
Feats: Versatile Performer (CAdv 112), Negotiator, Wanderer's Diplomacy (PHB2 85), Landlord
Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Guild Sign Language (Amazing Chicanery Troupe)
Domains: Trickery, Travel
Cleric Spells (CL 9, SV 13+lvl):
5th — teleport^D, flame strik…