It's all true, especially the part about ogling women's breasts...

>From: "Terrence"
>Subject: The Further Adventures of Dirk and Terrence After Davo Left Last Night...
>Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 19:50:48 +1000
>The Further Adventures of Dirk and Terrence After Davo Left Last Night:
>Dirk and I stayed at The Monastery for a further 15 minutes after Davo
>left so we could get a stamp in case we decided to come back, which we
>didn't. Instead, Dirk wanted to try and get into Family again. I was
>strenuously against the idea, being quite zombified at that point and
>knowing full-well that the bouncer would take one look at me,
>think: "This is that smart-mouthed prick from earlier in the evening!",
>and tell me to piss right off! However, Dirk's uncommon sense prevailed
>and we walked back to Family. Upon arriving we found that the line we'd
>been in the first time around was still there, and we stood in it
>again, all the while with me thinking: "We're just wasting our time.
>That's the same bouncer we encountered before up there at the door and
>he's just going to turn us away again." After 15 minutes we got to the
>head of the line and by a stroke of luck the bouncer's attention was
>elsewhere. However, we still had to deal with the Door Girl, who took
>one look at me and pulled the rope across in front of us, saying: "Have
>you been turned away already tonight for your dress?" I gave Dirk an 'I-
>told-you-so" look while the Door Girl tried unsuccessfully to get the
>bouncer's attention. After several tries she got upset and pulled the
>rope back to let us in, saying acidly: "You're breaking the dress rules
>very badly, sir!", spiiting the word 'sir' out as though I didn't
>deserve to be titled so. We were in! We were actually in, but at what
>cost?! How dare she obliquely accuse me of doing the wrong thing and
>making her night frustrating! How dare she talk to me as though I'd put
>her in a position to have to break the rules for me! She bloody well
>did it of her own accord, the bitch! She's an employee of Family, and
>she had every right to ask me to walk away, and yet she caved in and
>let me through, and then had the gall to make out that it was my fault!
>Fuck off!
>Anyway, I'm sure you're surprised that we got into Family after all.
>Dirk was well pleased (and more than a little amused at my run-in with
>the Door Girl!). I was sulking, but after a while i felt better. The
>place was packed to the gills and it was hard to navigate a way
>through, and while Dirk was seeing it for the first time, I actually
>discovered areas that we haven't seen! There's a fourth level to
>Family, with a bar lounge and high energy dance floor. You'd have loved
>it! We'll have to go there with the ***right*** clothes next time and
>enjoy its atmosphere.
>We didn't dance; we just stood on the balcony overlooking the main
>dance floor, tapping our feet and looking down the tops of the girls
>below (well, maybe I'm just speaking for myself there...). We stayed in
>there for half an hour at the most and then moved on.
>But that wasn't the end of our adventure! I decided that to get home we
>should walk up Gregory Tce towards Ashgrove and try to hail a cab
>driving in that direction, just to save us finding one in The Valley
>and having him have to drive through The Valley to get us out and
>thereby paying more money. As we walked up the street it occurred to me
>that just up ahead in Spring Hill was The Adult Cafe, once the site of
>the infamous Players brothel. A strange notion suddenly took me to want
>to find out if they actually served coffe at The Adult Cafe. It wasn't
>hard to convince Dirk to go along with the idea, and we headed on in.
>There were a couple of well-dressed ladies at the counter, and the
>conversation with them went something like this:
>Well-dressed Lady: Hi. Have you been here before?
>Terrence: No. We wanted to find out if The Adult Cafe actually served
>WDL: Yes we do. Are you just after coffee, or would you like to meet
>our girls?
>T: We're just after coffee, thanks.
>In retrospect I think that last line should have been delivered
>something like "Wee'd like to meet some girls, thanks", but we all make
>mistakes. So The Adult Cafe is indeed a brothel, but it also actually
>serves coffee. Good coffee, too...


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