Affiliation Contacts

Helena d'Mezzo
female half-drow bard 1 / cleric 9 of Oghma
Affiliation Score: 28 (superstar)
Init+0; Senses: Spot+4, Listen+4, Darkvision 60ft; AL: TN; Spd: 20ft (run x3)
Hp: 48 (1d6+9d8+10)
AC: 23 (+9 armor, +3 shield, +1 natural)
Atk: ranged +7/+2 (mwk comp shortbow 1d10, 19-20/x3, range incr. 120ft)
SA: 5/day - Turn Undead (Su) {turn level 7, turn damage 2d6+9}
SQ: immunity to sleep, +2 save vs enchantment, Bardic Knowledge +2,
Calm Emotion (Su), Healing Hymn (Sp), Inspire Courage (Su), Inspire Competence (Su)
St: 13, Dx: 10, Co: 10, In: 12, Wi: 17, Ch: 14; SV: F+7 /R+6 /W+12
Skills: Bluff+8, Diplomacy+21, Disguise+13, GatherInfo+9, Perform+7, SenseMotive+10
Feats: Versatile Performer (CAdv 112), Negotiator, Wanderer's Diplomacy (PHB2 85), Landlord
Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon, Guild Sign Language (Amazing Chicanery Troupe)
Domains: Trickery, Travel
Cleric Spells (CL 9, SV 13+lvl):
5th — teleport^D, flame strike
4th — dimension door^D, delay death, revenance
3rd — fly^D, chain of eyes, invisibility purge, interplanar message, searing light
2nd — invisibility^D, make whole, silence x2, shield other
1st — disguise self^D, sanctuary, shield of faith, protection from evil, detect evil x2
0th — Amanuensis, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic
EQ: +1 full plate armor, +1 heavy shield, amulet of natural armor +1, +2 gloves of dexterity, +1 vest of resistance, pearl of speech (orcish), wand of cure light wounds (45 charges), 993gp and 5sp cash

Helena travels between the theaters that have been established in various cities throughout Eastrealm, passing on instructions from the guildmaster Lukwind, and collecting any information and gossip that the performers may have gathered. She is almost always in disguise when she performs this function, preferring to keep her drow heritage a secret. She generally uses disguise self or invisibility to conceal her comings and goings, reserving teleport and dimension door for emergencies.

Bolias Faldar
male dwarf expert 5
Affiliation Score: 4 (bit player)
Init-1; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; AL: TN; Spd: 20ft
Hp: 26 (5d6+8)
AC: 18 (-1 dex, +9 armor) or AC 22 fighting defensively
SQ: Stonecunning, +2 save vs poison, spells & spell-like effects
St: 13, Dx: 8, Co: 13, In: 12, Wi: 14, Ch: 13; SV: F+2 /R+0 /W+6
Skills: Heal(9)+13, Know:arch&eng(5)+6, Know:dungeon(5)+6,
Know:geog(5)+6, Know:nature(5)+8, Perform:stringed(9)+10,
Search(9)+10 {stonework +12}, Survival(9)+17
Feats: Self-sufficient, Toughness
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Undercommon
EQ: +1 full plate armor, +2 shortsword of throwing, ring of sustenance, lyre of building

At the moment, Bolias drives the tunneling stronghold that the party uses to get around. His stonecunning and survival skills, as well as his knowledge of geography and dungeoneering, are vital to keep from getting lost. Someday, he hopes that Lukwind will put him in charge of running one of the guild's theaters.


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