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I've been playing Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition on my Nexus 7 tablet, which is the 3rd time that I've restarted this game from scratch. I didn't have my save game from 2013 when I played BG:EE, since I had to wipe my laptop and the backup is in Australia. I also made a few screwups with my game in the early stage, which I've managed to fix using EE Keeper to edit the save files. You'll see lots of mentions of CLUA Console on the forums, but it's tricky/impossible to get this working in the Android version of the game, even if you use a bluetooth keyboard.

Here are the instructions for setting up EE Keeper for Android if you don't have a PC version of BG2:EE installed. Basically, you need to copy the 'main' and 'patch' files from the  sdcard/Android/obb/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition directory on your device, then extract them using 7zip on your PC. You can configure EE Keeper to use this as the installation directory, then just copy your save games into My Documents/BG2/save or wherever.

Golden Pantaloons

Evidently, these pantaloons are part of a sub-quest that runs through all three games (BG, SoA and ToB). If you have an empty inventory slot, then in EE Keeper you can just navigate to the Inventory tab and use Change Item. In the Item Browser, click Filter List then enter "pantaloons" in the Text Search box and click the check box for Match Item Name. You'll see there are silver pantaloons as well, but you'll pick those up during a quest in BG2:SoA. The only other way to get the golden pantaloons is to import a save game from the final (Sarevok) battle in BG:EE.

Relationship Advice

There are three options for romance in BG2 if your main PC is male: Aerie the avariel (Quayle's ward), Jaheira the druid and Viconia the drow. Viconia will only initiate a relationship if the PC is a half-elf or human (unlike Icewind Dale 2 or NWN, drow is not a playable race). You can work around this in EE Keeper by setting some variables manually:

Global Variables


Local Variables

Select Viconia's portrait, then on the Local Variables tab add:
There are a few suggestions on the forums of simpler workarounds, but this is the only way that I could get it to work in the current version of BG2:EE on Android.

Scanlation courtesy RonPaul at Danbooru. Originals here?


Sorcerer's Palace suggests that it's possible to end up with 2 strongholds if your main PC is a multi- or dual-classed fighter, as long as you do the De'Arnise quest second. However, it seems that has always been viewed as a bit of a glitch, which Beamdog have fixed in their version of the game. If you want to pick up an additional stronghold, then just before the key scene at the end of the relevant quest, you need to change the following global variable:
You still need to be a fighter for this to work (in the case of the De'Arnise Keep), or a mage (in the case of the Planar Sphere), but there is a mod for multiple strongholds that gives you a bit more flexibility in this regard. Since I'm playing a Fighter/Mage/Thief, there is the possibility of picking up the Shadow Thieves guild as well, but I might see how I go with my two strongholds for the timebeing...


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