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> From: "Terence"
> Sent: Thursday, April 15, 1999 2:17 PM
> Subject: How to seduce a roleplayer
> In a recent issue of Cleo magazine there was an article describing how to
> seduce men. One of the advice columns described how to seduce men who had
> different passtimes. For instance, to seduce The Football Lover - who is an
> unsubtle man at best - all you have to do is grab him by the tie (would he
> be wearing one, I wonder?) and lead him to the couch. If the man is The
> Tennis or Golf Player - a social game - you should talk a lot to him (what
> about all the tantrums when "The ball was in, God damn it" or when you're
> lying in the rough?).
> But for some strange reason, the Cleo writers forgot to include The
> Roleplayer. I've decided to ammend their thoughtlessness with the following:
> Roleplaying
> ==========
> He's shy and awkward around women. He has a penchant for rules. He will
> often drift off into a fantasy world in which he believes that he's a tall,
> handsome hero.
> Winning tactics: Don't approach this guy or he'll scurry away mumbling
> incoherently (if he doesn't freeze altogether). Just pretend that you're his
> fantasy figure. Call yourself a fantasy name like Red Henna and convince him
> that you're a female elf with a charisma of 19, then roll those funny-shaped
> dice!


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