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The thread begins with session #30, which is admittedly suboptimal. Older sessions, including James Thomson's awesome module the Maze of Screaming Silence, are available on my campaign wiki.

I haven't written AP reports for every session, which is why I chose to do it that way. I still have my notes for most of them, though, and do intend to write them up at some stage. The November 2009 session, when the party slays a black dragon, is still a work in progress.

The game started out as an attempt at an urban sandbox (session #1, July 2005 => session #6, August 2006). However, that fell pretty flat with my players, who felt that they really didn't have enough information to make meaningful decisions about what to do. When I introduced the plot hook for the Maze of Screaming Silence (one of the characters began having foreboding dreams) they jumped at it.

Most of the next 9 sessions were spent in transit, since the maze was located "at the wall of the world, in the decadent empire of Yagga-Kong." This is where I made the most use of the En Route (Penumbra D20) series of mini-adventures. The maze itself was a single session, in December 2007.

One of the characters, Lord Martok Atronan, had heard some disturbing rumors about his noble house. Having saved the world from certain doom, he convinced the party to visit his family estate in the countryside. Session #17 to Session #23 were spent dealing with the vampires and other monsters that occupied the manor, as well as the less than trustworthy peasants in the nearby village.

Martok's mother and siblings were missing, so the party set off on another journey to track them down. Three sessions featured more encounters from En Route I, II & III then Session #27 was a sandbox-style game in a village. Session #28 was the beginning of two published adventures: Deception at Villa Zarios, from Dynasties and Demagogues (Penumbra D20), as well as Splintered Peace (Penumbra/D20).

I intend to run the WotC module City of the Spider Queen in the near future (with the same characters). At that point, I'll probably start a brand new thread at


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