Gnod Yriah and his army of 1000 orcs had captured a village on the river Brallen, 70 miles downriver from Marchion. They used it as a staging point for raids on neighboring thorps and hamlets, as well as blockading the river and capturing any merchant caravans or ships that came past. Yriah, being a barbarian, is illiterate (as are most of his army). However, the adepts (orc shaman) are not.

The village itself has a diameter of 1000ft, so roughly 18 acres (785,398 sq ft)
A village has an adult population of 401-900, with 2 adults per acre (43,560 sq ft) of crops
450 acres of arable land (150 acres left fallow + 150 acres of winter wheat), irrigation ditches
14 acres of forest and 18 acres of meadow

I created this map using Campaign Cartographer: City Designer 3 CD-ROM and exported it to PDF.

I installed the printer driver for the HP DesignJet 4500 postscript plotter and defined a custom page size of 1066.80mm wide (the maximum) by 1930.40mm, equivalent to 42in by 77.8in. The size of the map was somewhat limited by the gaming table that we play on.

This gave us squares that were pretty close to 1in, perfect size for our miniatures. We use a scale of 1in = 20ft (each miniature represents 16 medium-sized creatures) for mass combat, using the Mongoose Open Mass Combat System.


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