You know it's true love when she turns into a vampire

I've finished Shadows of Amn in BG2:EE just shy of the 2.95 million xp cap, which puts me a bit ahead of the starting value of 2.5 million for brand new characters in Throne of Bhaal. My party looks like this:

  • Gorion's Ward, CE half-elf Fighter 11 / Mage 12 / Thief 14
  • Korgan: CE dwarf Fighter 19 (Berserker kit)
  • Minsc CG human Ranger 17
  • Jaheira: TN half-elf Fighter 13 / Druid 13
  • Viconia: NE drow Cleric 19
  • Imoen: NG human Thief 7 / Mage 16
My alignment changed to Chaotic Evil because I succumbed to the sin of greed. I blame Elric of Melniboné (or, more specifically, Stormbringer). Also, I may have kicked Darth Sarevok in the nuts ("Release your anger, only your hatred can destroy me!"). My bad :-)

It would have been cool if the Fate Spirit at the beginning of Throne of Bhaal had given you the option of bringing back some of the BG characters who were left out of Shadows of Amn, like Xan or Shar-Teel. I suppose there's probably a mod for that.

I've got both the golden and silver pantaloons, although comically there were a few times when I'd unknowingly dropped them in a dungeon because my inventory was full. In the end, I stashed them in my bag of holding, which didn't create any issues when importing/transitioning to Throne of Bhaal. Korgan is wielding Crom Faeyr and with the Armor of the Hart and Gauntlets of Dexterity he has AC -10. Irenicus the Slayer still managed to dish out some major damage, though.
In my game, Viconia wears red dragon scale and the helm of brilliance, but I imagine that vampire Viconia (Vampconia?) was totally like this....

These were the variables in EE Keeper during Chapter 6:

VICONIAVAMPIRE changes to 6 once you've completed the quest.
The dark love of Gorion's ward and a fierce servant of Shar, Viconia has achieved the sort of immortal fame enjoyed by only one other drow in Færûn. Deadly, fierce, and devoted to her infamous lover, Viconia's name will forever be spoken in hushed tones and remembered as the mightiest force of Shar's shadowy faithful.
 Volo's Chronicles of Baldur's Gate, 1369 DR 
I ended up picking up the thieves' guild as well as the De'Arnise Keep and planar sphere, although it was the most work of the three. You need to run back to the docks as soon as you get the message that Renal Bloodscalp's quartermaster is waiting for you, otherwise you're given the sack. This can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you're in the Umar Hills at the time...


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