Buffet breakfast is included with the hotel room, so Aileen & I headed down there at about 9 the next morning. After 2 plates of hot food, we felt like we needed some exercise so we strolled down the boardwalk to the wharves, to see the navy ship in port. Of course there were police cars everywhere as a group of protesters in white lab coats were denouncing tyrannical US imperialism, etc.
Next we walked up McLeod St to the shopping centre and bought gifts for everyone back home. By then it was well after 1pm and we were feeling exhausted. We enjoyed a hot spa and then snacked on junk food for lunch. We had picked up some mudslides on the way back to our hotel, and so we cracked open a couple of those as well. I had a couple of hours' sleep, and Aileen woke me up at 6:30 so that we could go out for dinner. We ended up having a dodgy curry at Mother India, which played havoc with our digestion. We headed back to the hotel to watch Shadowlands on DVD: an evening of CS Lewis & CS Cowboys.


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