Flight landed at about 8:30pm. $12 taxi to the Tradewinds, where we had dinner at Latitude 351: grilled barramundi in white sauce with chorizo sausage, a lychee mojito and a cappucino for moi; gnocci with spinach, an iced chocolate and a sticky fig pudding for madame. Went upstairs to our room to watch the Cowboys triumph over the Bulldogs 48-12; Aileen fell asleep so I got changed and headed on over to Spence St.
The USS Blue Ridge was in town, so it was Hip-Hop night at Sporty's and Troppo's. There was a live DJ at Metbar, but I passed on that because my first priority was the club where Mark, Miguel, Smasher, etc. used to work. Sporty's was very different from the sports bar in Surfers (I don't even know if it had a video screen) but reminded me very much of The Edge. After a couple of hours and a handful of bourbons, I felt right at home. The finalists of the Cougar Bachelorette of the Year were on stage, which was an added bonus. I caught the last half hour of the DJ's set at Metbar, then headed back to Sporty's - by which time they were also playing house music. Stayed for one more drink, and was home in bed by 3am.


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